Soul and body

to @a_little_fresher, with love

the relationship
between a soul and its body
between a body and its soul
is reciprocal

a body without a soul
a book without words
a glass without wine
is an empty chrysalis


a soul without a body
doesn’t even live long enough
to die

when we met
I saw your face
and then your body
and next your eyes
and only then could I see your soul
could I see you
for real

a young poet
(an ancient poet)
wanted the light of his love’s cheek
to shame the stars

but he forgot
that light can’t shame
that where light goes
it builds smiles of pride
and only the darkness
is ashamed

and that’s why
(I think)
I see so much beauty
in your body

the light of your soul
is not contained
or darkened
by your mortal body

it brightens your body
fills it with light
until it becomes

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