Putting Things in Order

When I knocked on your door
I admit
I wasn’t expecting much

If you’d slammed that door I’d have shrugged and left
But I thought
It’s worth a shot

So when you let me in
It took a while for me to believe you
To realize those were wood floors
With no rug to pull from under me

But one day I walked up narrow stairs
To a hallway overflowing with shoes
And a kitchen table with a broken chair
And a light switch that worked, if you gave it time
And I thought: home

I organized the shoes
And replaced the switch
And my great-grandma’s blanket
Sat comfortably on your sofa
And you thought (I thought): we belong together

Maybe that’s why
When I left
And took the blanket with me
I wanted to take the light switch
And the shoe rack too

And that’s when I realized
I never fixed the chair

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