No Justice, No Peace

“No Justice, No Peace!”
It’s a promise
A promise that if they do not bring us justice
We will not grant them peace

“Whose streets? Our streets!”
Show the bastards
Who think they own this goddamn country
That we will not
Will not
Step down

“The people, united, will never be defeated!”
They can’t stop us
Even if they try

There’s just one problem:
They don’t have to try

The people are defeated every day
The moment we let them say:
You’re welcome to protest
If you don’t damage private property

If they ever were our streets
We lost them long ago
The bastards bought them
Filled them with police
We can’t just hold our ground
We need to charge

“No Justice, No Peace!”
It’s not a promise
It’s a lie
There’s been no justice in four hundred years
How many senators
And policemen
And governors
And billionaires
Sleep through the night in peace?

Some day we’ll keep our promise
Better late than never
And there will be justice
And we will take back our streets
And the people
Will be
Once and for all

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