Note: I wrote this poem in Spanish four years ago, about events then happening in Colombia. Given the recent terrorist attack in Charlottesville it feels worth translating to English.

It’s six in the morning
and yesterday
two peasants died
in Ocaña and Tibú
and at that moment
they became comrades.

Is there a word
that lies more
than “martyr”?

Well there are no sincere words
to describe death
nor sufficient poetry
to see off a soul.

It’s six in the morning
and they won’t come back.

And I could say
that the world hasn’t ended
that the fight goes on
that they didn’t die in vain.

And although true, it would be a lie
because two worlds did end
and two fights will not go on
and every death in history
has been in vain.

the survivors
of yesterday
will search for peace
for light
for justice
for life.

But not now.

It’s six in the morning
and two men
just became

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